Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Life According to my I-Phone
My mom, sister, sister in-law and I have a long group text where we send pictures of the babies and what everyone is up to. Usually at least once a day someone sends out a picture. It has been so nice to keep in touch with my family that way. We face time a lot too. I find myself taking pictures of Violet all the time so that I can send them to my family and so that I can send them to Mike while he is at school all day. He misses out on a lot of our day to day life, so I try to keep him up to date with what we are doing. Here are just a few of the pictures that get passed around. Of course they are pretty much always of baby girl, but lets be honest that's all my family really wants to see anyway.

Visiting the fish at the grocery store

Macaroon making

I'm fabulous!

Look at that chub!!

Happy to see me when she wakes up from a nap.

Aunt Jo Jo made vi this great bib. It actually works really well for keeping her entire body clean haha.

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Anonymous said...

She is SO Precious Lauren and Mike! Love seeing your post.. i'm so boring compared to you! Your such a good example not just as a mother and a wife but a member too, for me. Believe it or not I love to sew.. I am no where near as talented as you but I hope I could be a half as talented as you one day! Also I've never tried Macaroons but seeing your picture made me think I should! Anywho, Mothers day is coming up and I wanted to express some gratitude for your example. I hope you guys are loving Dental School and the East!