Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Months
I do not know how much Violet weighs right now but she doesn't feel like she has gotten much heavier since her last doctors appointment. I think she is for sure getting longer because all her leggings are turning into capris. I won't know her official stats until her 6 month appointment

Here are the latest developments of our girlie.

1- She loves to grab your face. She particularly loves to grab your lip and hook it with her finger. While she is eating she will reach her hand up and scratch my face or stick her fingers in my mouth or grab my nose. She giggles like crazy when Mike rubs her hands on his unshaven face. She has also figured out how to grab her headbands off and eat them

2- She has really gotten the hang of grabbing things and picking them up if she wants them. We just started using her exersaucer and she likes being able to grab all the different parts.

3- She still refuses to try sitting up on her own. She gives up right away. She is getting better and better at rolling out of tummy time but has not mastered the roll back to her tummy. 

4- She has started the one leg power kick in the tub. We set her in and instantly she starts kicking like crazy with just her right leg.

5- She is still our Chatty Cathy and loves to talk. Now she has evolved into spitting a ton when she talks. She has been on the spitting kick for awhile but she is still very fond of it.

6- When we set her up to stand she just wiggles her hips. She honestly just lets her legs go crazy.

7- She is fascinated with hands. She will sit and play with my hand for a long time and then she will go to her hands and just touch her fingers together and stare at them.

8- She is a chomper. When she sees something she wants to bite she gets wide eyed and grabs for it. As soon as she can get it close enough she gives it a sequence of nice hard chomps.

9- She loves it when we sing to her and even when she is tired or hungry singing can almost always make her smile. 

10- she is losing her hair. This has been hard for me to deal with. Just when I thought her hair was starting to grow a little it all started falling out. We still aren't sure what her exact hair color will be. Her new hair growing in looks lighter but the parts where she has a bit of longer hair still look brown. Her eyebrows are on the lighter side too. We will just have to wait and see.

 The claw! This girl scratches everything!
 Love her little lashes
 She has a lot to think about apparently 

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