Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sewing Projects

I am the worst blogger ever but I thought I would at least give a little update on my sewing and craft projects since I have gotten home. I have been making lots of headbands and I have sewn a few things. Wedding plans keep me pretty busy but I am trying to make time for projects so that I can let the stress out. I will take more pictures of the things I have made but at least here is a little bit of my inspiration. 
This is my next project for little Jayner. I saw this picture and have been wanting to make them ever since. I think they will be darling on her.
This is my next project once I find the fabric that I like. I am planning on adding another layer to it for length reasons but I am really excited about this one.
So I made this skirt in a grey and white polka dot and I love it. It was a super simple pattern and then my grandma showed me how to make the bow. I love it! I made a blouse to go with it but I haven't taken a picture yet so that will come later.