Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello Rice Cereal
Violet tried solid food for the first time on Sunday night. We thought we would give her a little now that she is almost 5.5 months. This girl went to town. I mean we knew she would like food because look who her parents are. She honestly couldn't even wait between bites. She would grab at the spoon and try to shovel it in. There was zero patience. She would attack the spoon as soon as she saw it. I would say it was a success. I think she would have just kept eating if we hadn't stopped. I have a feeling we may have a good eater on our hands. Her appetite just complements her chub rolls very nicely. Here are the many faces of Violet. I swear this girl has more expressions than most babies I have seen. She is great at hamming it up for the camera. So here is the graceful and proper side of our girl.

 mmmm that's good stuff. Finger lickin good

 Pleased as punch
 Clearly she is camera shy


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Laughed so hard. Love every photo. Can't wait to see her!!!!!!!!!