Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mike doesn't like it when I refer to all these cute little boys we know as Vi's boyfriends. I have a list of 5-10 eligible bachelors I am ready to line her up with once they are at BYU together. I have certain ones that I am particularly fond of but I won't say which ones cough... cough... Hudson.  We had the chance to go meet another boyfriend yesterday. Our friends Bree and Cory had a darling baby boy on the 2nd. He has a ton of hair and I am super jealous. He is so cute and seems like such a sweetheart. At first I thought Vi was actually interested in him but we soon realized she just wanted to stuff his blanket in her mouth. Typical right? It just makes me feel like she is huge when I see them next to each other but he weighed the exact same as her. Babies grow up too fast. I guess it is a good thing that our ward here in Michigan is a serious baby machine. I'm not kidding every week I find out that someone else is pregnant and the day before that someone had their baby. There were 5 other babies just born the same month as Violet. I am able to get my newborn baby fix every couple weeks.
Hooray for babies.