Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Life of Vi
I was going to wait and post these pictures this weekend when she has her doctor's appointment and we get her new stats. Then I was looking through them and thought these are too cute. I want to put them up right now. So you're welcome Aunt Kate and Dayna for giving you more Vi overload. I guess this just means I will have to take more pictures this weekend for her 4 month post. Mike starts spring break tomorrow!!!!! I can't wait. Vi has been seriously missing daddy daughter time this past week with midterms. I will go through all her funny little details when I do her official 4 month post but she is a hoot. This girl already has a sense of humor. She is a total ham and loves the attention. She is growing so fast and I almost can't keep up with it. So here are some funny pictures. We honestly don't go outside much at all. The weather here in Michigan is pretty rough for a baby. So we entertain ourselves inside a lot. This weekend I am determined to break out her coats and get her outside and hopefully not freeze her. So when it comes down to it these pictures are pretty much for my family that tell me everyday to get more pictures up. Here is Vi in all her glory.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Violet's Nursery
I decided that I needed to capture some of my favorite parts of Violet's room. We have been talking about moving this summer so there is a chance that we won't be staying here. I obviously couldn't do a whole lot in her room because we are renting. So I didn't paint and I couldn't put up curtains and I had to leave the awful blinds. The other hard part was having to make this room a nursery and a guest room. So while I would love to have all her toys and baby things in there right now it just wasn't practical. Everything was pulled from different places and stages of our marriage and some from before Mike and I even  met. The dresser below is an antique given to us by my parents. The Mirror I found at a thrift store a couple years ago. The frame is from an old antique painting that my parents had reframed and then let me have the original. I made the chalk board inside it. The prints above her bed are from my textile tour through Europe when we were in Paris seeing a Valentino exhibit. The Bunny and the lion and blocks are from Vi's best girlfriends Sam and Lindz. Her bow box is from TJ Maxx. I made her bedding and bunting flags. My sister Kate made the quilt on her crib and my mom made the quilt on the bed. I made the bedding on the guest bed. The dresser in the corner is from ikea. The purple quote is from my Harding girl cousins along with a lot of her great books. The polka dot wall I did out of contact paper. There are so many little touches I love about her room. It is happy and bright . There are of course things I would change and always things I would add but that might have to wait until we move. For now here is a little peek into our home

 Yes I know the ugly humidifier is showing but I honestly did not feel like unplugging it and then having to crawl under the dresser to try and plug it back in so it stayed. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day
This year was a very low key Valentines Day. Now that we have a baby it is a lot easier to just put her down for a nap in her crib then to take her out to eat. So I made a big meal at home and we watched a TV show and hung out at home. It was nice and simple. Honestly I just love the nights when Mike is home and we can hang out. Violet was so good all day letting me make sugar cookies and put together a more elaborate dinner. It was perfect. Mike surprised me that morning with a heart attack all over the house and breakfast while Vi was still asleep. It was thoughtful/funny which sums up my Valentine perfectly. 

We took some Valentines Day pictures of Violet to send out to our family. I didn't have time to pull a card together so an e-mail was good enough this year. Our little bee bop is getting so big and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Some days she cracks me up and yesterday was one of them. I hope everyone had a great day! Oh and what V-day post isn't complete without a lil gossip girl action?

XOXO The Reids

 Mike said it looked like she smelt something weird
 I hope Vi isn't one of those girls that hates V-day because she looks like it in this picture

 Our funny Valentine