Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Where Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

This was our first Halloween where we weren't wearing coats and I was actually worried Grace might get too hot.  It was a fun change from the cold, cold Halloweens we have had in Michigan. I really do miss Michigan the most right now. Fall doesn't really happen in Mississippi. The leaves just kind of turn brown and fall off and it's still in the 80's every day. There aren't really a lot of Fall activities either. We did find a great place about an hour south of us. I will post about that later. We decided on the Wizard of Oz this year after asking Violet tons of times what she wanted to be. She really had no idea and would change her mind all the time but then not really care. Luckily I went home in September and my Grandma Porter helped me whip up the girl's costumes. I of course, pulled mine and Mikes off 2 days before. Violet did have a wig to go with this costume but it didn't show up until after I took pictures. She was so excited about her red shoes and getting to wear lipstick. I was so happy Grace decided she was okay wearing her costume. I had tried it on a couple times before and she was not a huge fan. The girls were both sick after our ward trunk or treat. I was nervous it would ruin Vi's birthday and then possibly Halloween too. Luckily they recovered in time. The girls had such a blast trick or treating. Grace got into it and was so cute hearing her say trick or treat and thank you. I thought Vi might be too shy this year to say anything. She has gotten a lot more shy since we moved. I was proud of her for not getting too nervous and always saying thank you. We went over in the neighborhood right next to where we live. We went for a solid hour and a half and the girls were happy and content the whole time. It was so fun!