Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sam and Dave's Wedding
It has been a long time since I blogged but I have been trying to stay busy getting ready for this baby. I also got sick with a cold and pink eye and made 2 trips to Utah and 1 trip to Maryland. It has been just a little crazy. I have not been good about taking pictures but Kate and Dayna have done blog posts about the amazing shower they threw me. Dayna also did a post with maternity pictures that she took of me. So in other words if you want to know about what is going on in my life then you should probably just check their blogs. 

This update is super special though. Our great friends Sam and Dave got Married a few weeks ago and we made the 7 hour drive from Michigan to Maryland for the celebration. It was so fun. I hadn't been there in 3 years. It is always so fun to go back to where I grew up and show Mike different things. We did D.C. one day and caught up with lots of friends. I only took pictures on the day of the wedding because I am super lame. So here is picture overload. The wedding was beautiful and the dancing was rockin our world. Their friends and family really made for an awesome wedding. I was out on the dance floor the whole night at 7 months prego thank you very much. We love Sam and Dave and we could not have been more excited for them. We miss getting to see them every week and play games and get peach shakes. Congratulations you two! Please come to Michigan!!

 the groom

 The Bride

 I had serious serious humidity hair everyone. It was bad and Mike should have told me. Don't judge

 Cut Throat!!!!
 Too cute right?

 Lindsey got to be the middle of our pregnant sandwich 

 Roomie love
I guess this is when I got smart and put my hair up and used a fan. Only like 20 pictures too late.