Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Egg Hunt and a Little Sunshine
Violet got to spend more time outside this weekend then she ever has before. We went on walks, played in the grass and got strapped in the bjorn for some trips out. Violet also got to experience her first Easter festivities. We hit up a local egg hunt with our friends the Allens. The idea was cute but honestly there were just so many people. Poor Dexter only made it out of the egg hunt with half an egg. Violet just pretty much took it all in from the comfort of her stroller. Mike insisted that we wait in line for her to get a picture with the Easter bunny. She decided to zonk out about 5 people away from getting hers taken. So Mike asked the bunny if it could kneel down next to her. Not too scary as far as Easter bunnies go but seriously who thought the uni brow was an endearing quality?? It was a great weekend and we are hoping to get to spend more and more time outside as it slowly warms up.
Violet has also become a serious wiggle worm. When we try to get her to stand it is like she can't help but dance. The girl goes crazy in the leg department. She is a funny little thing and I love to see her personality coming out more and more each day.

 I know what you all are thinking. Why in the world did I not get a picture of Violet with the monkey? Apparently he isn't too fond of children. So naturally they brought it to a family Easter egg hunt...?
 Licking her jacket as usual

 ahhh the victors spoils

 crazy eyes right?? At least her posterity will know she was there!

 Yes I was there too
 work it

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