Monday, April 8, 2013

conference weekend
This weekend was super relaxing. I wore the same pair of pajamas for 2 days straight and it was great. We watched conference, went on a walk and a run and went to dinner with friends. Violet did really well during conference. We only missed like 2 and half talks from all her talking, dancing and wanting attention. I worked on a sewing project and Mike vegged on the couch. We also caught the last 30 min of Deep Impact which took us back to the 90's for a bit and the super corny love relationship with Elijah Wood and Téa Leoni (what ever happened to her.. seriously?

I now feel like I need to start a detox plan from all the Easter candy and treats that have been going around. I always think I am doing so well and then a holiday hits a it's over. 

Vi girl was rocking her white leggings this weekend and they were just too picture worthy. Look at how they hug every single roll. Why did I not get a diaper bum picture!?!? I was seriously waiting for her to have a major blow out just because she was wearing white but we luckily escaped poop free. I wish I could say the same for this morning. It's never a good thing when you can feel the warmth of their poop soaking through their clothes and then your clothes and onto your leg. 

Overall we had a great weekend and we are gearing up for the dreaded finals Mike is about to have.  Now as usual a photo shoot courtesy of Vi girl and her chubbiness.

Playing with those fingers all day every day.

This should be real fun. Mom likes bows. Baby not so fond of bows.

She has been loving this bad boy. So many things to play with!

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Dayna said...

Super cute outfit. Jayne was the same way with the bows.... no bueno. So she pretty much looked like a bum for awhile unti I could put her hair in piggies. Good luck!