Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Outfits
Since conference is over Easter Sunday, I got Mike and Vi to put their Easter attire on a week early for pictures. We still weren't sure what the status of baby number 2 would be and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to get some pictures of them together. We will still have all the normal Easter festivities this weekend but I thought I could at least post a few pictures. Violet is still obsessed with Mike. It is not hard to get them both smiling when they are together. I started out taking some pictures outside but it was honestly so cold. Vi's poor face explains it all. So we had to settle on going inside this year. 

Spring Break in Florida
It seems like every year we have been in Michigan, March rolls around and we are so depressed. The winters here are long and bitter cold. This year especially set records for cold weather. Last year we got the itch to get out and we drove to Louisville and Nashville for just a little warmth. This year we were so desperate for warmth that we were willing to make the crazy long drive to Florida so we could go to the beach. I spent days mapping out our route and planning where we would stop. The plan was to end up in Tampa and stay with Susie and Javi. A few days before we were suppose to start the long drive, Susie called me and said she had some buddy passes we could use if we were interested ( she works for Delta). As a 34 week pregnant woman I was all about a 2.5 hour flight over 16 hours in the car!! We were pretty excited. So we hopped on a plan early Saturday morning and were in Tampa by lunch time. 

Our first day there it was rainy but it was oh so warm. When we left Michigan that morning it was -14 degrees, when we landed in Tampa it was 70!! Just the fact that we could be outside without coats and boots and everything else was amazing. We did a little touring around Tampa with Susie our first day and went to go see the manatee viewing area. Vi was pretty excited about it. Pretty much everyday after that we went to the beach. Our main goal was to be outside as much as we could. I had no idea how gorgeous the beaches were in that part of Florida. The sand was white and soft and the water was clear blue. They were honestly beautiful. We lucked out in the weather department too. It was in the 80's everyday that week. We hit up Clearwater Beach, St Petersburg Beach and Siesta Keys Beach. We went to some of them a couple of times because they were so beautiful. During the middle of our trip we made a little detour to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with some of our friends who also escaped Michigan. We had a crazy hot beach day there, late night game sessions, a trip to the most girlie ice cream shop I have ever seen and some afternoon swimming in the pool. We tried a few places to eat and were not disappointed at all. Vi loved getting to play with Susie ad Javi's cat. She was also just so happy to be outside all the time. We had all really missed that. 

We made it back a little tanner and very refreshed. It was the perfect trip for us and it was really great to get to do one more little getaway before baby number 2 comes along. Vi was a serious trooper the whole trip. Her nap schedule went totally out the window. She got power naps on our way home from the beach everyday and that was it. We did have a few accidents in the car because she would pass out so hard, but we couldn't really blame the poor girl. She really was great! We also got bumped up to business class on our way home and that made the trip even better. 

Also I am just going to pat myself on the back for getting some blogging done before the baby comes. I have a lot of other pictures on my phone that I will have to come and add in later, but for now here are some beach pictures!

Can we all talk about how awesome it was that she kept this hat on all the time. Seriously it saved her little face and neck.

I love how the humidity brought out some little curls in her hair

This one was a little hesitant to go under in the ocean but she went out everyday with her dad. She is a beach girl through and through.

The beaches in Ft. Lauderdale didn't have as nice of sand. The water was so warm though. It was seriously perfect to play in

There were a lot of castles and mini pools built during this trip. Mike was a star for playing with Vi a lot. He let me dig a hole for my belly and take a nap a few times. Total heaven!

Vi has always got to give us the thumbs up

Sometimes I miss the diaper bum, but most days I think it's pretty dang cute without it.

Mike busted out his go pro for the first time on our trip. I know there are a million more photos and video footage on there and we will see if it ends up getting added on here or not.