Monday, April 1, 2013

No Bunny Like You

I will do another post of our Easter weekend outings later this week. I wanted to start out with the cute pictures we took of Violet yesterday. Here is a little background. For my first Easter my mom hand smocked a little bunny dress for me. Violet and I would have been about the same age and size. So my mom started calling around to my cousins to see if anyone had my old bunny dress. Most of my clothes growing up got passed around to family once Kate and I had grown out of them. The dress whas nowhere to be found. So instead of just sending Violet a little Easter package my mom went above and beyond like she always does and made Violet a replica of my Easter dress. For those not familiar with smocking this is a really time consuming process and is done by hand. You can obviously tell that the detail is amazing. The bunnies even have little cotton tails and whiskers. I am so in love with it and it has a special place in my heart not just because my mom made it but because my first Easter dress was the same one. I love for little girls to look like little girls. Don't get me wrong I love to dress Vi in super hip cute little skinny jeans and boots but They are only little babies for so long and I love for little girls to have that sweet feminine look. 
We hosted our first holiday at our house. We invited some friends over for Easter dinner. We cooked a ham and I even made my Aunt Holly's salted caramel french macaroons. Boy was that a labor intensive process. It took a long time and I probably stressed way more than I should have about them. They were so yummy and they even kind of looked like hers. Next time I will use a finer almond flour so they aren't so speckled but overall I was very happy with my first attempt. Easter was a wonderful day. We took a walk, watched some basketball and enjoyed a nice dinner with friends. 
Of course we always miss out family over holidays but we got to face time them later that evening. I am so grateful for face time. Violet actually gets to see her family all over the country and they get to see her too. It really is amazing.
 I am also so grateful for my Savior this time of year. Sitting in Sunday school yesterday I was overwhelmed with memories of my time in Israel. It was a life changing time for me and during our last week there we went through the last few weeks of Christ's life. I am so grateful for the atonement and for my Savior's sacrifice for me. I am filled with gratitude for his love and his promises to us. I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter.

Warning: If you don't want to see a million pictures of my baby then leave now. 

For those of you who I know want to see these pictures( kate dayna mom) isn't she just so freaking cute?!! Come visit us please!

 where the gold at?

 these were my little shoes when I was a baby

Whatever it's Easter I'm over it

 this girl loves her bunny


LarkenBird said...

Laur, she's so, beautiful, just like you! I can't believe those eyes! I love the dress that your mom made too, I need to learn how to smock!!! And just so you know, its not just Kate and Dayna that love seeing pictures of your little one...I love it too! I wish you were closer so we could bake and craft together and I could actually meet Violet, but for now I guess the ol' blog will have to do! Hope you are well!

Carolyn said...

I love how much fun you and your mom are having with Violet. That dress is wonderful....I say don't share it save it for when Violet has a baby girl!! I want the recipe for those cookies - they look wonderful!