Monday, July 25, 2011

San Fran

First Round of San Fran Pictures
So this past weekend Mike and I make the very long drive to San Fran. We had to leave Wed after I got off work and then we drove to Reno and spent the night. I always like doing the long road trips with Mike. We get a lot of good talking and quality time together. This is especially nice since we are preparing ourselves for the next few years of not a lot of time together. Then the next morning we woke up and made the rest of the drive. We stopped in Sacramento at Squeeze Inn. It was a restaurant featured on dinners drive ins and dives. We got the squeeze burger with the famous cheese skirt. I took a picture on my phone and then didn't save it b/c it was in instagram. Lame.... but anyway it was really good and very cheesy.

As we were driving mike spotted this incredible sunflower field. Side not- I have always wanted to see one of these fields in full bloom. So Mike being the stud of a husband that he is flipped the car around and searched for side roads until we found it. It was amazing. Brownie points right?
Sorry the picture of me turned out looking like I have some super weird skin condition. Yikes.

There he is in all his glory. What a little star!

Delicious right? This was a small taste of the amazing bug collection our car got on the way there. Seriously disgusting. 
 Oh San Fran and your gorgeous hydrangeas. I was drooling over the deep colors.

 It was like a sea of fuchsia clouds.
 Beautiful Lombard street. I think I got a cramp in my calf hiking up the hill that led to this street. 

 This cute chocolate shop we stopped in down in fisherman's wharf.
 love it!

 Oh you know we had to stop here.

This shake was seriously heavenly. Mike and I decided we were going to share since we had the squeeze burger earlier in the day. This ended up being a bad idea b/c both of us were not wanting to give this thing up. Oh it was so good!

I have loads more pictures but I am a little swamped right now with weddings and work. So more pictures to come throughout the week. I'm just trying to get back onto my Monday blogging goal.