Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby Friends
I took some baby pictures for our friends yesterday. How scrumptious is this little guy? We let Violet play with him for a bit before they headed home. She has had her first real play time with other babies this week. On wednesday at play group one of her little friends tried to eat her arm while the other wanted her shoes. It's so funny to watch them interact with each other. As you will see in the last picture Vi was already holding hands. It's a good thing Mike wasn't home or he would have given them a talking to. I love the stage she is in right now. She is so fun to play with. Then I see this squishy newborn and I want to just make her cuddle me.
Oh and it's pretty much a tornado/flood outside right now so I think we will be staying inside today. 

They did this all on their own

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