Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Friends
This has been such a fun time to see Violet start to interact with other babies. They can kind of play together. I mean, if you call sitting in the same general area and chewing on the same toys playing. Our friends the Silvas came to stay with us over the past few days. Jane and Violet are only 6 weeks apart. You may think Vi is older because she clearly has the extra chub and head mass. It is actually Jane who is the elder. She is just the littlest petite thing there ever was. They had lots of fun this week with bath time and swings and playing. It was so cute to watch them together. Lots of times they would sit and just jibber jabber at the same time. It really is a fun age. It will be so nice as they get older that they will be able to play together and always have someone their age. Violet has been surrounded by boys a lot lately. This girl time was much needed. 

How cute are they with their bed head and jammies?

Jane is also on the move. 
Maybe Violet picked up on a thing or two after watching her.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swimmer Girl

Now that summer is in full swing Mike and I try to take Vi to the pool at least a few times a week, weather permitting. She really loves the pool. It is nice because my California hubby is having some serious sun withdrawals in Michigan. He believes his hair is now brown and that he is never tan. So we try to help him out the best we can. So far all our pool experiences have gone really well( fingers crossed). Violet likes the water and doesn't mind sunscreen or wearing a hat. With that great combo we have ourselves a swimmer girl. Last summer I went to the pool to get relief from my pregnant body. It is crazy to think that this summer we have an almost 8 month old baby going to the pool with us. It has gotten a lot harder to get out the door and to the pool with a kid. All of a sudden I am bringing food snacks, new clothes and all sorts of other things. I think I am starting to get the hang of it. 

 We have tried dunking her under the water a few times and she did not cry!! I really want my kids to be pool safe so we tried to introduce water in the face at a pretty young age. I am hoping to get into a mommy and me swim class with her this summer too. Here are an assortment of Violet pool pictures that we have gathered over the past few months. 

This is the swimsuit I made her earlier this spring. I'm a sucker for swim caps!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloomer Day

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to have Vi wear some of the things I make for the Etsy shop. I have been wanting to see how they hold up, things I would change, and just little fixes they may need once they are on a body. It's so fun to have something that you have created on your baby. It's one of those kind of proud moments and I hope they are things that will last through the years that maybe future daughters could wear. My mom made lots of our clothes growing up and they got passed down through the other cousins once Kate and I had grown out of them. They held up and lasted and some have even made their way back to Violet. I love that! It motivates me to make more things and to really work on the quality of things so that they last longer. 

Vi and I have made it a routine now to sit on the front lawn waiting for dad to come home from school. Vi's face just lights up when she sees him pull up in the scooter. It's so fun to see that development in them. She can recognize things and associates different things with her dad and her mom. It is such a fun stage. I really love watching her figure life out more and more. I'm hoping to post some more future outfits I have been working on and some ideas I have found. If only I could find some great fabric sources in Michigan.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Top Of the Park

Last night we went up to one of the summer festivals that Ann Arbor has. They have live bands, food and activities for the family. At night they show movies on a big screen on the lawn. It's so great. We love to just go up and walk around in the evening. Last night was our first trip up there this summer. I am sure we will go back a few more times over the next few weeks, while it is going on. We went up with some of the other dental families and the boys showed some incoming D1 students around the building and campus. We all grabbed food from different places downtown and ate on the lawn. It was a great night with really nice weather. It's so funny to watch our little group walk together with all the strollers and babies and diaper bags. We are a sight that's for sure and you catch people looking at us all the time with 3 moms sitting feeding babies and toddlers running around. I really love it

Vi did really well other than the fact that I forgot her food on the kitchen table and she had to survive off some squash until we got home. My baby is only 7 months old and I swear I have the mom brain equivalent to a mother of 5. I am forgetting things all the time. This girl is building up quit the appetite these days. She has some serious diva moments if that food isn't coming fast enough.  She will throw her head back and go limp while she cries. You would honestly think it was the end of the world. My mom says I was a titch on the dramatic side as a child so I am sure this is just karma.

 I didn't get pictures of everyone in the group but I did catch a few of all the darling babies. Vi is kind of flying solo in the girl department these days. She seems to always be surrounded by boys! Options options....

Just chomping on some bread to hold her over

The tangle

Yup still eating

Just kickin it

Cute Calvin

This is sweet Ezra that we had the shower for last week.

Always happy to be with Dad

This girl just kills me

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Exceptionally Good Day
Yesterday was about as normal of a day as they get but it was the first day in a few weeks where I didn't have to do anything. There was nothing weighing on the back of my mind that was is desperate need. Last week we had anniversary, baby shower and Father's day. It was a bit crazy. Vi and I just kicked it at home all day. We read books and worked on crawling. She slept in and took 2 really good naps. It was the perfect recovery day. We played outside on the grass for an hour waiting for Mike to come home from school. We watched the cars go by and waved at all the dogs going for walks. It was exactly what I needed. We even ate left overs so I didn't have to make dinner or lunch. Then to top it off we went to an ice cream going away party for friends at a park where Vi got to go in the swings with dad. It was just a good day. Nothing crazy exciting or monumental happened but I had a happy baby, good weather and a carefree mind. It was perfect. 

Currently these are Vi's 2 favorite toys. She loves her bells like crazy and she honestly can't get enough of this wooden ball top. She is always trying to eat it. Love this goofy girl of mine.

Look at the excitement when she sees a puppy.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Baby Shower For Ezra

This weekend I was honored to host a shower for my good friend Dani and her sweet baby boy Ezra. Dani doesn't find out the genders of her babies...impressed? I'm so impatient I doubt I could ever do it but this lady has done it twice and has two cutie pie boys. So we waited until Ezra was born and Dani's mom was in town to have a shower. It was so fun for me. I hadn't thrown a shower in ages and this was my first time doing it all on my own. I usually have access to all my mom's stuff and the help of her and my sister Kate. This go around I was a solo act. 

I went for a bit of a nautical theme but I didn't do the traditional navy. I went for more of a sea foam green, white and grey color pallet. I used my whale poster from A Vintage Poster and based the rest of the decor off that. For favors I made tiny jars of salted caramel pudding with Oreo crumble on the bottom. I also made coconut lime cupcakes. Some of my other friends brought more desserts. It was such a fun easy going night with lots of great conversation and girl time. We are so happy Ezra is here and I am a total failure for not getting a picture of the guest of honor or more pictures of everything set up. I'm sure he will appear soon on the blog since Vi loves playing with him and his brother Dexter. 

This was also Father's Day weekend so there had to be a Mike and Violet photo opt. I made Mike a bow tie and Vi a matching bow. Mike's bow tie took a bit of a beating from Vi in this picture but they matched and looked cute. Yes I am that mom. I love matching!!