Friday, April 5, 2013

Chillin with Dad

On a typical day for us Mike leaves around 7:45 in the morning and gets home around 5:30. Some weeks we get lucky and he can hang out after dinner and not be too busy. Most times he has a quiz or a test to prepare for and we get a few minutes at bed time with him. This week we had a few days where the load was lighter and we got to spend more time with him. I think Violet gets a little sick of me after awhile. She will get a little grumpy and then Mike comes home and picks her up and she is just peachy. She can almost always snuggle up on him and start falling asleep while we aren't paying attention. I seriously enjoy the days that he is around more or at least can come home and not go straight to studying. 

I think one of the things I am nervous about with Violet is that she will only want to go to me and Mike when she gets older because for the most part we are the only ones she interacts with. We try to get other people to hold her when we have the chance but she really doesn't have a ton of other people around to hang out with on a daily basis. It makes me excited for this summer when she gets to be with family and have lots of attention and people holding her other than her parents.

I got a few shots of Violet chilling with dad the other day. Just kickin it with her best bud.

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