Monday, May 27, 2013

Bows and my Baby
So I have decided to add bows into my shop. I have so much scrap fabric from all my sewing projects and I felt like I needed to make good use of all of it. So I have started sewing bows. I didn't want to just glue them together. I really wanted to make them high quality bows that will last. So I only use one dot of glue on the whole thing. I love having Vi wear them and I can't wait until she has hair long enough that I can clip them in there. I also couldn't really do a blog post without a few pictures of my sweetie pie.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

6 Months

Vi had her 6 month check up this week because we were in Utah/California when she was suppose to go in. So these are more like her 7 month stats but what can ya do? 

15 pounds 4 oz- 23%
17.2 Inch Head Circumference- 64%
27 Inches Long- 81%

I was so surprised to see that she wasn't very heavy. They weren't very concerned about her weight because they said she looks really healthy and has plenty of rolls. 

Updates and Fun Things About Our Girl
1- She can now sit up all on her own
2- She downs her solid food. She is always trying to scarf it down and when she sees us eating she tries as hard as she can to get it in her mouth.
3- She is the grabbiest little thing. When we sit at the table with her she can't help but try to grab everything in sight
4- She is down to 3 sometimes 2 naps a day
5- She has started babbling phrases that sound like mama and baba. I like to think she is trying to say mom.
6- Her hair has grown a little... k maybe not that much at all but I can hope.
7-We are waiting for teeth to pop. We have been thinking for weeks that it looks like they are coming but we have yet to see one cut through.
8- This past week Vi has been doing this kind of cute thing where she goes to bed and then an hour later starts crying. If we go into the room and just hold her hand for a second she goes back to sleep. We are going to make her start crying it out but for now I just think it's so sweet.
9- She has been dancing for a while when she hears music but she is now starting to copy us when we dance and she will start swaying her head back and forth and laugh.
10- She recognizes her family on facetime and will give them a good smile.

Vi is a sweet baby and almost everyone that meets her comments on how chill she is and just very easy going( except for maybe our California family that saw her on her worst day yet). We also get stopped in public all the time by strangers who tell us how beautiful they think Vi is and how gorgeous her eyes are. I have to say it's a bit of a proud mom moment for me. I think the main reason people say it so much is because she is such a smiley baby and that just bumps up any baby's cuteness factor. We love our girl and we are so happy she is ours.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So I feel like this is a long time coming. Ever since we moved to Ann Arbor and I no longer had a job, I have been trying to figure out something I could do from home with a baby. I know there are lots f internet jobs and telemarketing and stuff like that but I really wanted to try and find something that I could enjoy doing. I also really wanted to feel like I was using my talents. I studied sewing in school and I love to create my own clothes and now clothes for Violet. I thought about making something to sell but it is hard to try and find something that a million other people aren't already doing. I was hoping to be a little more creative and do something unique. I played around with lots of ideas and I finally settle on Bloomers and rompers. I wanted to do something that the traditional mom and the more edgy mom could both be attracted to. Yesterday was the big opening of the shop. I started with smaller sizes but I have already started cutting out bigger ones. I am really excited to have a creative outlet. I may throw in other projects that I work on down the road. Here are a few pictures and hopefully everyone can go and check them out!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Violet Goes Swimming
While we were in Utah Mike really wanted to take Violet swimming. There was a chance that my parents were going to open their pool after Mike went back for school. He wanted to be there the first time Violet got in. So we decided to just take her in the hot tub so that he could see her reaction to it. Well, to no surprise our tubby time loving baby also loved the hot tub( and pool the next week). She would splash and splash and she thought it was pretty funny to go on her back. I have to say I have been loving the ultimate cheesy gummy smile this toothless girl has been flashing lately. I can also say she totally rocked the swim cap. I really want to find her another one because I like not having to slather her head in sunscreen when she goes out. We are so excited to get her in the pool more often this summer and get her ready for the ultimate pool party when we go back to Utah in August. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding in Newport 
This past week Violet and I headed down to California from Utah for Mike's sister Annalee's wedding. Mike met up with us really late the night before the big day and then we all flew home together yesterday. These past few days have been kind of a crazy blur because so much was going on. I was in charge of putting together the center pieces and making the chalkboard signs for around the reception. We were also in charge of setting everything up the day of. It really was total craziness but it was a great day and we are so excited to have Paul in the family. They are so genuinely happy and that's all we could hope for. It was so fun to be able to spend time with all our family and for Vi to get to play with cousins and meet lots of friends.
 Here are a ton of pictures from the day. Unfortunately we were so busy the whole time that this was the only day I got any pictures. Luckily we are going back over the 4th and we will be better about documenting it all.