Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have one week to go before I leave. Life is crazy so updates will be soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Someone Gave Me a Pretty Ring

So here is the story with my ring. A long time ago I went with my friend Lindsey to help her do a little research for a company she works for. She had to go to a lot of different jewlers and ask questions and get the low down about their company. I went along pretending I was getting engaged. I found a ring I really liked and told Lindsey everything I liked about that type of ring. Behind my back Mike and Lindsey began to scheme and plan. She told him all the things I liked and Mike designed it with his uncle. I love it and can't stop looking at it. I feel
like one very lucky girl.

I'm Engaged

I'm Getting Married

Yes the day has finally come. I am officially engaged!! After 11 months of dating, Mike proposed to me and I could not be happier. I know many are eager to know the story so here are all the details.
My family decided to go to Vermont for a week to visit my grandparents. I invited Mike to come with us( little did I know he had already talked this over with my parents and knew he was invited before I told him). So we took off for Vermont and were there for about 2 days before we left to go to Maine for a few days. Our first night there Mike asked me if we could go on a date the following evening. I was pretty reluctant to go because I didn't want to miss out on anything my family was doing. I tried to convince him to do it once we got back to Vermont. He would not have it and just kept pushing for us to go. So I agreed. I seriously thought he was being so weird. He had looked through the Maine tourist book that we had and found this light house he really wanted to see. It is called Owl's Head Light.Once we got there mike grabbed his back pack and I asked him why he was bringing it. He made up some reasons about water and sweatshirts. We had a little bit of a walk through the woods until we made it to the stairs. The lighthouse is up on a cliff and surrounded by the most beautiful view. We took some pictures and then mike told me he had a present for me. He goes right for the back pack. He says close your eyes and hold out your hands. I feel a flat box and open my eyes. It was a wrapped present. So I opened it and it was a car charger for my phone( which I really needed). He told me it was an early birthday present and it was more of a practical thing for me to use. I was kind of surprised. Any thoughts I had at that point of a ring went away. Then he told me he had another present for me that he made. He told me to close my eyes and open my hands out wider for a bigger present. So I did as I was told and was not expecting what happened next. Then he said open your eyes. When I did he was kneeling down with the ring box open. Mike likes to be the one to tell my reaction. Apparently there was a lot of "shut up" and "No seriously". I did say yes however. It was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better night or a better fiance. I love him so much. I am so excited to get married. I hope this little story makes at least a few people happy. We are so excited to share this moment with all the people we love.

A little side note: True story, I forgot my makeup and hair stuff in Vermont and of course on one of my most important picture days I had no beautification products. Yea I'm just a little bugged about that one.