Thursday, October 27, 2016

One thing that I had been looking forward to with our move to Mississippi was seeing cotton bloom. I had never seen a cotton plant and it is such a huge part of the South. We got some general directions from some of the other dental residence. We set off on a Saturday morning in hopes of finding a field that hadn't been harvested yet. We were lucky enough to find one. It was crazy hot and the girls did not last long at all. I love the pictures and I am so happy that we did it! They loved grabbing it and throwing it in the air. They called it bunnies. We brought a few home with us. It was also a fun chance for us to see more of Mississippi and the landscape. We drove over to what is considered the Delta. This is where a lot of the crops are grown. It was a really beautiful area. It has been fun to get out on some adventures while we are here.