Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Grace 21 months
Grace has been so fun lately. She loves to sing and will copy almost any song these days. She loves I am a Child of God, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Popcorn Popping, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle, and then random parts of other songs we listen to on the radio or in the car. She is just as chatty as ever and I couldn't even list all of the words she knows. She talks in pretty much full sentences and I rarely have a hard time understanding her. We get a lot of comments from people in stores and at the library about how much she talks. They always think she is older and just really small. She is very much like her big sister. She can almost count to 20 without any help. She gets a little mixed up around 14 15 and 16. She adores Vi and wants to follow her everywhere and do just what she does. This means she wants to buckle herself like Violet and sit in a big chair like Violet and sleep in a big bed like Violet. Luckily she isn't as stubborn as Vi and still listens to mom and dad. We will see how long that lasts. She loves to wear Violet's shoes all over the house everyday. She loves hats and headbands and pretty much anything that would work on your head. She is a smarty pants and easily memorizes things. She knows pretty much all her shapes and a lot of her colors. She has already memorized all the animals on our alphabet flashcards. She is starting to get extra sassy about having turns and getting to go first with things. Like I said, she is pretty reasonable but the tude comes out a lot. She has no problem telling kids to me nice and not do certain things. It's pretty funny actually. She is a pretty good eater. She tries a lot of things, but of course prefers bread cheese and fruit. She loves pasta and pizza and would drink a gallon of milk everyday if I let her. She takes a good afternoon nap around 1:00 and goes to bed at 8:00 and sleeps until 7:15 like clockwork. She is still super easy to put down to bed and never throws a fit. She just has to give everyone a hug and a kiss before she will go willingly. She is still a mommy's girl and spends a lot of her time as my shadow. She likes nursery and goes really easily. She loves going to scouts with us and chasing all the big kids around. She likes to face-time my mom and Kate. She is full of personality and is just really funny. She has started to get more into pretend play with Violet and it is pretty adorable. She has gone to the bathroom a few times and I think we are going to jump on potty training in the next month or so. I think she is ready, but I also worry about rushing her too early since she isn't even 2. We will have to see if she keeps it up. We love her and her spunky nature. She is a sweetie and I can't believe she is almost 2. 

Constantly smothered by Violet and takes it like a champ