Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Friends
This has been such a fun time to see Violet start to interact with other babies. They can kind of play together. I mean, if you call sitting in the same general area and chewing on the same toys playing. Our friends the Silvas came to stay with us over the past few days. Jane and Violet are only 6 weeks apart. You may think Vi is older because she clearly has the extra chub and head mass. It is actually Jane who is the elder. She is just the littlest petite thing there ever was. They had lots of fun this week with bath time and swings and playing. It was so cute to watch them together. Lots of times they would sit and just jibber jabber at the same time. It really is a fun age. It will be so nice as they get older that they will be able to play together and always have someone their age. Violet has been surrounded by boys a lot lately. This girl time was much needed. 

How cute are they with their bed head and jammies?

Jane is also on the move. 
Maybe Violet picked up on a thing or two after watching her.

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