Sunday, June 16, 2013

Baby Shower For Ezra

This weekend I was honored to host a shower for my good friend Dani and her sweet baby boy Ezra. Dani doesn't find out the genders of her babies...impressed? I'm so impatient I doubt I could ever do it but this lady has done it twice and has two cutie pie boys. So we waited until Ezra was born and Dani's mom was in town to have a shower. It was so fun for me. I hadn't thrown a shower in ages and this was my first time doing it all on my own. I usually have access to all my mom's stuff and the help of her and my sister Kate. This go around I was a solo act. 

I went for a bit of a nautical theme but I didn't do the traditional navy. I went for more of a sea foam green, white and grey color pallet. I used my whale poster from A Vintage Poster and based the rest of the decor off that. For favors I made tiny jars of salted caramel pudding with Oreo crumble on the bottom. I also made coconut lime cupcakes. Some of my other friends brought more desserts. It was such a fun easy going night with lots of great conversation and girl time. We are so happy Ezra is here and I am a total failure for not getting a picture of the guest of honor or more pictures of everything set up. I'm sure he will appear soon on the blog since Vi loves playing with him and his brother Dexter. 

This was also Father's Day weekend so there had to be a Mike and Violet photo opt. I made Mike a bow tie and Vi a matching bow. Mike's bow tie took a bit of a beating from Vi in this picture but they matched and looked cute. Yes I am that mom. I love matching!!

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Powell's Place said...

Adorable shower! Curtis had softball games all night, so I had to miss it, and I was bummed! Glad everyone had fun.