Saturday, July 6, 2013


So Saturday morning Mike and I woke up and decided we needed to figure out what we were doing for his week long vacation. We were going to go to California but the ticket prices were crazy and we would have to rent a car and a few other factors. So we decided we would stick around Michigan and try to have some fun. We knew for a long time that we wanted to see more of Michigan. Last summer we didn't get to do much at all because I was pregnant and so sick. So we started throwing out ideas of what we could do. I had a feeling it was going to be a lot of talk and then we would just end up staying in Ann Arbor the whole time. So I decided to just be kind of spontaneous and told Mike lets just go pack bags and leave. We knew our friends would be in Holland and Grand Rapids for the weekend and then we would just figure out the rest of it as we went. So we packed for a few days and were out the door in about 45 minutes. Luckily I threw in a few extra things for myself and Violet. This ended up being a very good idea since we ended up being gone for a week. 

Our first stop of the trip was Holland Michigan. It is a really cute town. We walked around the farmers market and downtown. Then we headed out the the Dutch Village. This place was about as corny as they come. Our friend Silva described it perfectly as a miniature golf course. It was still a blast and the boys especially had a good time. Vi was great the whole day except when we stopped for lunch. This girl can seriously throw a tantrum if she is hungry and has gas. It's like she becomes a different baby. After the village we went all around the lake and then down to the lighthouse. The beach was perfect. The weather was great and the water wasn't even that cold. Vi loved the sand. We then went back into downtown for dinner and got the most amazing salted caramel fudge! We might be going back just for that. It was such a fun day and so cool to see a new place. We plan on going back for the Tulip festival next year.

This was a really cool outdoor organ where they taught a little dutch dancing. Mike joined in and became an honorary dutch dancer.

They had a petting zoo and vi was in heaven. This girl loves animals. She was giddy about the baby bunnies. I love how excited she gets.

 Could you just die over these 2? I had to steal this one from the Silva's blog because it is so cute. It has been so fun to have friends with another girl the same age.

 This girl was such a trooper the whole trip. Her schedule went out the door and it became survival of the fittest. She adapted and went with the flow even though she was pretty tired a lot of the time.

 These boys and their swings. I'm just really glad they have each other. As you can tell they have a great time together.

Down in the harbor

Hahah I love her

 Excuse my super ugly hair. I swear after having a baby my hair is crazy. I'm getting baby hairs all along m hair line and it's not so attractive. It may take me some time to figure out how to do it.

She loves her daddy.

I married a pretty hunky guy

Farmer's market in town

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Katie said...

Lauren, I found your blog off Facebook! (PS, I'm hopeful you remember me from freshman year in the dorms at BYU). Your family is the cutest. And, I totally hear ya about the baby hairs. My baby is 10 months old and I have all these inch long hairs. lame. Anyway, I'm curious what lens you are using in these pics, specifically all the great ones of Vi with the blurred out background. It looks like your lens has an awesome aperture setting. Do you mind sharing what it is? Hope you guys are doing well. From the look of your blog, I'm wishing we lived closer so my little man can flirt with your little girl all day. They would be a hoot together!