Friday, June 21, 2013

Top Of the Park

Last night we went up to one of the summer festivals that Ann Arbor has. They have live bands, food and activities for the family. At night they show movies on a big screen on the lawn. It's so great. We love to just go up and walk around in the evening. Last night was our first trip up there this summer. I am sure we will go back a few more times over the next few weeks, while it is going on. We went up with some of the other dental families and the boys showed some incoming D1 students around the building and campus. We all grabbed food from different places downtown and ate on the lawn. It was a great night with really nice weather. It's so funny to watch our little group walk together with all the strollers and babies and diaper bags. We are a sight that's for sure and you catch people looking at us all the time with 3 moms sitting feeding babies and toddlers running around. I really love it

Vi did really well other than the fact that I forgot her food on the kitchen table and she had to survive off some squash until we got home. My baby is only 7 months old and I swear I have the mom brain equivalent to a mother of 5. I am forgetting things all the time. This girl is building up quit the appetite these days. She has some serious diva moments if that food isn't coming fast enough.  She will throw her head back and go limp while she cries. You would honestly think it was the end of the world. My mom says I was a titch on the dramatic side as a child so I am sure this is just karma.

 I didn't get pictures of everyone in the group but I did catch a few of all the darling babies. Vi is kind of flying solo in the girl department these days. She seems to always be surrounded by boys! Options options....

Just chomping on some bread to hold her over

The tangle

Yup still eating

Just kickin it

Cute Calvin

This is sweet Ezra that we had the shower for last week.

Always happy to be with Dad

This girl just kills me

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Kate Magleby said...

Dexter is so cute. I want to squish Violet!! I LOVE HER