Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Master Bedroom

Extreme Home Makeover Continued 

Please look at the beautiful cardboard window and the assortment of duck tape all over the top of the window.

You can also see a little peak into the bathroom. This is my next huge project after Halloween is over.
We decided to flip the bed over onto the other side so that Mike and I would both have access to either side. We painted the walls a pale yellow. The room was so dark before. Mike called it the dungeon. We wanted a color that would brighten it up. Then we painted all the trim and floor boards white. Mike put in the chair rail for me( With hardly any tools. I was super impressed). 

This is the side of the room that i haven't done much with at all. I still have a lot of work to do but it took so much time to do the kitchen that this room didn't have as much attention. I plan on doing a really fun picture wall where our painting is from Shauna. I also need to figure out the empty wall behind the TV. We had plywood put in to fill the empty window and i covered it with fabric and put some of my jewelry on it. I will eventually switch it out for a better fabric and get more of my stuff on there, but for now it works really well as a display board/ storage. 

I plan on working a lot more on this room later on but for now it has been a huge improvement. I will post more pictures of the projects I work on for that room as I get them accomplished. 


Steve said...

UH-MAZING!!!!!! Seriously, when you show the after picture that room is not even recognizable. It took me a second to figure out what part of the room it was. Where were you when we were living there?!?! I could have totally used a renovation like this! HA. I love how you brightened the room. I love how you painted the trim white. It makes such a difference. I was telling Steve that if we end up having the baby in Utah that I want to paint the guest room a bright color to lighten it up for a boy nursery (its so dark in there). I will definitely do the trim too if it happens.

So fun seeing your make overs. They are truly amazing.

Steve said...

this is dayna btw (obviously.)

Carolyn said...

I love the silhouettes. Did you create them?

Sarah Jane said...

Do you realize how bad I wish I was living there right now?????

We had SO many plans...and never really did them.
I love the jewlery over the broken window. When did that break? I don't remember that. But the kitchen? oh man. you are incredible.

So wonderful! Can't wait to visit!!!