Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspired by Tape

Entry Way

I didn't think to take before pictures with this project before i had already started painting the trim. So I'm sorry I didn't have a better before picture with all the dark trim, but I hope it's enough to help you see how ugly it was before.

I saw this idea on Caitlin Creer Interiors and thought it would be so fun in out entry way. I love wallpaper but obviously since this house is going to get knocked down in a few years I am not going to put the time or money into wallpapering. This was a fun alternative that added a little character along with a fresh coat of grey paint. I hope you guys like the fun details.


Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

It looks great. You are doing a GREAT job on your remodeling.

Traci said...

Awesome! Chloe just walked in and said, "Lauren has such great style!" I couldn't agree more! Great job!

Caitlin said...


Dayna said...

Are you KIDDING ME??? It looks AMAZING. I love the design. So creative. You are really transforming that place in ways I didn't even know possible.

PS. Where did you get that table? Is it an antique your parents got? Did you find it? I'm really curious. Its such a great table.

PPS. That is the grey I want for the nursery. You'll have to remember the name of it.

Angie said...

Lauren, it looks AMAZING! Are you considering a career in interior design? Or would you mind just doing some interior design work on the side, for my future house (when I get one)? Because I love this! You're awesome.