Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I want but I don't NEED

How darling is this dress? I love love love it. Add a little cap sleeve and it's the perfect summer church dress. I know this will not be easy to make but isn't it gorgeous. 

This lamp shade from Anthro is a serious want of mine. I think it is so beautiful and it would look amazing in my craft room agreed?

Kate Spade gets me every time. Not only do I love their spring line but I want this poppy picture by my desk. It just gets me excited for the poppy field in June!

Emerson Made anything has been on my list for awhile. Her clothing line is amazing! I know I could never rock the over sized flower but I think they are the perfect little accessory. 

I want to throw a shoe themed bridal shower for someone and you have to wear your favorite pair of shoes. How cool are these paper shoes. Can you just picture how cute this would be?

So that's the end of the list of things I want but don't need. It's a hard post to deal with because I seriously go ga ga over some of these things. One day when we aren't in super saver mode I will post about how I make some of these things a reality.


Krystyna said...

I am also obsessed with that lampshade! And everything else from Anthro, ha. You could totally make that, though. Just get a plain one from Target for like 10 bucks and then some embroidery floss and pretty fabrics to make the flowers out of! 10-15 bucks is way better than 98 :)

Heather and Taylor said...

Hi Lauren,
I am a good friends with Mary Martha and Crystal Gilliam, so I found your blog through there bloglist. Anyway, I am wondering where the brown pooka dot dress is from. It is stunning and I'm just curious where you found it. Thanks so much! Darling blog.