Thursday, March 3, 2011

House Update

I did a small picture wall on one of the walls in our living room. For now it is just a random assortment of things. The purple floral paper was given to me by my mom. She got it at the most darling paper store in Denmark. The dress form I made a few summers ago when I was thinking of craft room ideas. There are two vintage little girl dress patterns I got when I was in Paris. The tile is one I picked up in a small shop in the Old City in Jerusalem and the ABC page was just for fun. At some point it will become something more meaningful.
Before the paint

 I repainted all the cupboards and counter top and shelves. I put polyurethane on them to seal it from the water. We put new hardware on and I deep cleaned the whole thing!

So here are a few late pictures of the living room and the bathroom. I painted them awhile ago but it has taken be some time to finally sit down and do this post. I love the new color in the living room. It makes our whole house feel so much cozier. The living room takes up the majority of the first floor so it was a lot of wall space to paint. I also painted the windows and mantle white because the wood had been so beat up and chipped. As you can see I went through with the stripes on the floor. I tried two different colors and although I don't really love the black there was no way I was painting it a third time. It is starting to grow on me in its Tim Burton kind of way. I think it's fun but I will probably never do it again. This house has been all about experiments. I love having white counter tops now and the floor feels so much cleaner to me. I am still trying to find a shower curtain that I like and I am also trying to come up with a good way to cover the shelves of stuff on either side of the mirror. I haven't even thought about what little decorating touches I will add in there but it is a huge step up from what we were dealing with when we moved in. Sorry for being so lame and not blogging. I'm afraid you may not hear from me for awhile because I am babysitting for 9 days. Have a happy weekend. I am going to a devotional given my Nie Nie tonight!


Caitlin said...

Everything looks great! Good job :)

Suzy said...

May I suggest you fill up the fireplace with pinecones or flowers? And if you aren't using it, shove a pillow up the chinmey because they are very drafty. I've also seen fireplaces look good when stacked with wood.
Amazing transformation in the bathroom :)

Angie said...

I actually LOVE the striped floor. I think it looks so modern and cool! Love what you've done with the place. Keep posting pictures as you go, I am so inspired by you!