Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Curb Appeal 

So to be perfectly honest the front of our house is really ugly. Lots of times when people are coming over for the first time they call and ask if this is the house because it looks like no one lives there. It's pretty bad. I think it was built in the 60's or 70's and not a lot of thought went into the outside. We do have this really cool front entry way that has a glass door and windows on both sides. It has been beat up quit a bit over the years and so I have been thinking about painting it a fun color. I love the shops in London and how they have the fun bright colors for the storefronts. At first I was thinking blue but it seems like it might not blend in so well with the house so I am thinking RED. I think it could be such a fun pop of color. It probably won't be until next week that it happens but I was hoping to get opinions of what people thought. 

So I made some little curtain type things to cover the shelves on either side of the sink. I thought I would post it so you could see our bathroom slowly coming together. They are wrinkly in this picture which bugs me but not enough for me to go fix it and take more pictures. So I'm sorry they aren't nice a crisp. This is my new pot that I am totally obsessed with. I got it at TJ Max for 6 dollars. I love the color and the finish on it. I seriously held it the whole way home because I was so happy to put it in the kitchen! More fun things to come. I am working on a dessert table for a wedding this week so we should have another fun post coming up!


Traci said...

Laur, I think painting the front door would be FANTASTIC! Red is always a favorite! But I love the blue too...you have such awesome taste, whatever you pick will be great! PS. I've been in a slump with my house and all your cute details are motivating me to take a little more pride in my place! Thanks!

Dayna said...

Love love love the pot!!!!