Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silva &Walton 

This is my first official blog picture with the short hair. Some of you may not have known that I chopped my hair. It has been an adjustment since I haven't had short hair since 4th grade. This is not the best styling job on my part but hopefully I can figure out how to work this look and get more pictures up.

This is what I have to deal with when Mike 
doesn't get enough sleep. Seriously you guys.

Future dentist Greg. We will be visiting this handsome fellow, along with his beautiful wife and chubby cuteness of a son Henry, this summer to check out Pacific Dental School where he is the number 1 guy on campus.

 Reids having a bonding moment

Dave decided to shout out possible scenarios and get our reactions. Obviously this is BYU beating Gonzaga. In real life I was about 10 times more excited than in this picture

Look at these dashing young men. Dave was our house guest for the weekend and it was a blast. We always love it when there is a good excuse for Mike's family to come into town!

Gotta love the boys all together

For the first time Mr. and Mrs. Chris Silva. Don't they look fantastic!

For real are they not so cute?

Love this one!

The hubby working the profile

Greg and Mike have lots of "special" moments.

The gorgeous Walton girls.

I had to

The groom and the best man.

Seriously these little girls were so darling. Look at those faces.

Love him

These photos are just proof that I am a very awesome wife. I was pretty much a personal photographer to some of the goofiest grooms men I have ever seen. This would be why there are hardly any pictures of Mike and I. I was honestly following these crazies everywhere. I didn't get a chance to take pictures at the reception, which I am so bummed about. I will try to find a link soon so that everyone can see how amazing it all looked. We currently have tons of flowers at our house so I will probably get a few shots of them for everyone. Amy and Chris we are so so happy for you. Chris is honestly like a brother to Mike and we feel like he is truly part of the family. Amy will be the perfect addition to it all. They are 2 amazing, loving, kind, funny, and easy going people. We wish you all the happiness in the world and hopefully a game of Bang when you get home!


Sydney said...

Obsessed with your hair! I seriously LOVE it! You Reids are ridiculously good looking and I love that too.

Silvs said...

Lauren! Love the pics. Kind of disturbing how many special moments Greg and Mike shared, but whatever. Amy and I are thinking about visiting Greg over Memorial Day Weekend. What you think about that?