Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Big Easy

My mom provided the awesome BYU flag for the rental car

Yea Baby

My mom would make matching outfits for us to wear on the plane out to Utah when we were little. The tradition lives on in our coordinating outfits that we worse on the plane.
Mike loving the view
We headed out to Destin Florida on Friday to get a little beach action

We ate at the Back Porch on Destin beach. This was a wonderful recommendation from the amazing Amanda Egan.
Oh the fried food of the South. This was not a week of good eating habits

The sand looked and felt like sugar
I was the official mom of the trip so I had to carry around the bag of all our things

She loves the camera
Mr. B's barboque shrip. This was by far the best meal of the trip

Shrimp just might be one of my favorite foods
French Quarter

This lady was workin in

 I love houses and we spent a good chunk of the day walking 
around looking at the amazing architecture
St. Charles Street
 Oak Valley Plantation
 This was one of my favorite things that we did. It was honestly breath taking
Kate got just a little sunburned 
 Our trip was so much fun. Even though BYU lost we were happy to be there for the team's final game together. It was bitter sweet but this BYU basketball season was such a thrill to watch. Thursday was spent traveling pretty much all day. We woke up at 4:30 a.m. and went to the airport. We met plenty of people asking us to cheer on BYU. We had random people at our lay over in Atlanta telling us about how amazing Jimmer is. We finally made it to Mobile Alabama where we hoped in the rental car and drove 2 hours to New Orleans. We got flicked off by some Florida flans. Classy right? We got in with just enough time to grab some food and get to the game. We stayed for the whole BYU game and half of the Butler game. Then we drove 2 hours back to Mobile so that we would be closer to Florida for Friday. We pretty much took showers and collapsed into bed.
Friday we woke up and made the drive to Destin. As soon as we got there the sunscreen came out and we were beaching it pretty much all day. We did stop for some fried sea food. It was a must on this trip. Then we met up with the beautiful Amanda Egan and listened to her doll of a grandpa tell us stories. I could not get over his southern accent... or his cardigan. Then we headed back to mobile. At this point we were all pretty hungry so we headed out for a late night bite. Checkers it was. This was our first mistake. The girl working the counter could not have been more bothered that we pulled into that drive through. Apparently she had a lot more important things to be doing. She asked us 3 times to order while we were trying to decide what we wanted and then totally messed up my order. 
Saturday was our day in New Orleans. We packed up and made the drive again. We headed to Mr. B's for lunch which was incredible. We found some lucky Florida fans to buy our tickets and we walked the city. We did all the tourist things like ride the street car and go through the french quarter to the markets and street vendors. We tried all the local grub and even made a short appearance on Bourbon Street. We spent all day there and it was a blast. We staid in New Orleans that night so it was a short drive. 
Sunday we drove out to the Oak Valley Plantation and spent an hour there walking around. It was an incredible location. Then we drove back to Mobile where our flight was delayed a few hours. We finally got to Atlanta where our flight was delayed a few hours there too. We got home at a horrible hour and yesterday I felt like the living dead but it was all worth it. I would love to make my way back down to the South again. I loved the atmosphere and landscape. It was a wonderful trip


brynne said...

i just miss being your friend! looks like such a fun trip! let's have a reunion sooooon

Silvs said...

Fun pics, Lauren. What a cool impromptu little trip you guys got.

Courtney and Michael said...

Lauren! It sounds like such a fun trip! I LOVE that you went to Destin! Mike's Family lives on the other side of the bay from Destin and it is my absolute favorite!

Sam said...

I don't know what you're talking about... you are rocking that short hair. I love every one of these photos!

Angie said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! Packed with so many different, great things, places and food! Loved all the pictures. That plantation was gorgeous!

jimfolger said...
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Jim and Allison said...

Sounds like you had fun! It makes me miss Florida hearing you talk about it and the Beautiful pictures-reminds me of when I served in the South and the slower pace of life that goes on over yonder. ;)Ahh the South. Great place to visit. I'm glad you guys could go!

Jim and Allison said...
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Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

How fun. That was my favorite plantation to go to as a child Im so glad you loved it also!!

thequeathems said...

How did we not see you there??