Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thee Reids do "Pig Latin"
This year was Violet's first real Halloween in my opinion. Last year we were waiting to be discharged from the hospital and it was in the middle of hurricane Sandy. Obviously we didn't dress her up last year, so I was really excited for her to have her first costume. 
We knew Vi was going to be a pig since August because she fit into the pig costume my mom got Jayne when she was a year old. Mike and I were trying to think of what we could be. We usually like to be creative and think outside the box with our costumes. Everyone kept saying we should be farmers but I just wanted to do something a little more fun. So the night before our ward party Mike and I were sitting on the couch brainstorming. It had been a really busy time for both of us leading up to this week. Normally we are more on the ball with Halloween but this year was the epitome of last minute costumes. Mike was the one who thought of doing a play on words. As soon as he said pig latin we were both on board. Mike found a picture of the costume he wanted. I spent all day Friday sewing it up. Can I just say it was way harder trying to pull this off with a baby. In the end mike's costume was suppose to have arm bands too but I just ran out of time. I also didn't have time to finish the seams on mine and that meant I was shedding gold all night. 
We had a blast and in true Mike fashion he paraded around the ward party dancing and shaking maracas. Vi was absolutely terrified of him. We have a few pictures of them together but other than that she didn't want to go anywhere near him. It was so weird since usually all she wants is to be held by him. We got a pretty good laugh out of it. 
On Halloween it was a torrential down pour in Ann Arbor all day. I really wanted to dress Vi up again so we took left over candy and went to the Dental school to pass it out to Mike's class. She was loving it and that was probably the closest thing she was going to get to trick or treating. Here are pictures from our ward party and Vi at the dental school.

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Sydney said...

I don't blame Violet for being terrified of Mike! Its probably the mustache! Hahaha! You guys look awesome though. I love seeing what you come with every year.