Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This past weekend was the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. One really cool thing about where we live is that we are 30 minutes away from the Henry Ford Museum. That is the location of the car JFK rode in as well as a lot of other really great historical items. It was a really cool experience to be there on the anniversary. Mike and I had recently been watching a series about the Kennedy family and so we were both that much more interested in the whole conspiracy and all the discussion going on about the assassination. There were tons of people in line to see the car and police officers all over the place. We had a really fun time with our friends the Blomquists, walking around and seeing all the different exhibits. We saw the Rosa Parks bus, the chair Lincoln was shot in and the JFK car. There were lots of other cool cars and even trains. Vi really liked it. They had a few areas where there were play houses and toys. There were also lots of things you could go and sit in. It was a fun afternoon. We want to go back when the weather is nicer and walk through the village that is right next to the museum.  

Getting to ride on some farm equipment 

Sitting in the sink of a prototype home from the 60's. It was actually really cool. The whole house was 1,100 square feet and was an aluminum circle. They had revolving closets and very tiny sinks.

They had an avatar exhibit while we were there

Cutest little bums around

Watching the train go by

Riding on the Rosa Parks bus

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