Saturday, November 9, 2013

Last Birthday Post

I promise this is the last one. I didn't really get a chance to document what we did on Violet's actual birthday. The night before her birthday I got all her presents and set them out on the ottoman. I thought about wrapping them but I didn't think she would really get the idea and I knew it would take her a long time and then we would have to take it out of the box for her to even see it. So we decided to just have them out.
When we heard her wake up mike and I both went in to go get her out of her crib. She is always pretty excited to get up in the morning. When she came around the corner her eyes got all big. She kept saying "Oh wow". She got pretty excited about all her new books and she sat and played with her activity cube for awhile and still saying "oh wow". It was so cute and fun to watch her react to everything. Then we gave her strawberries and raspberries and oatmeal for breakfast(her favorite). I let her play for awhile more and then she got a FaceTime call from her cousins in Utah. They were so so cute and told her they loved her and missed her and wished her a happy birthday. It was the best! Then she took a nap. After her nap we went to our ward play group, which was a Halloween party. She got to see a lot of her friends and play with new toys and eat a pumpkin muffin. Then we drove to campus to have lunch with Mike. We figured since she is obsessed with her dad, she would be pretty excited to see him. After lunch we went to Whole Foods and picked out a cupcake. We came home and got a FaceTime call from Grandma and Grandpa Magleby and Josephine and Max. Then she went down for her other nap. After her nap I took her outside to take her 1 year old pictures and FaceTime with aunt Kate. Then Mike got home and we took her to Costco for her favorite thing… a hot dog. She of course loved it and ate the whole thing (minus the bread). After that we took her home and let her dive into her cupcake with Grandma and Grandpa FaceTiming. She attacked the whole thing and was just shoveling it in. I had to start taking big chunks of frosting and cake and dumping it down the sink so she wouldn't eat it all. Then we let her take a tub with all her new tub toys from Grandma and Grandpa Magleby. she loved it. Then she got to read new stories and snuggle with her new blanket from Grandma. It took her a long time to go to bed since she was seriously high on sugar. Next year we will do the cake earlier in the day.

It was a great day to be a one year old. We think she had a pretty good time. Once again we love this sweet girl!

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