Monday, October 28, 2013

Morning Out to the Orchard

Every week our church group has a play group that gets together. It has been really fun for Vi to play with other babies. She is getting to the stage now where she is fully entertained if she has a little buddy around. It was also really fun to have a lot of friends have babies the same year as I did. We are all going through the same things with our kids and it has been a really good support system for me. We hit up another orchard that week. There are a lot of them in Michigan, hence why the last 3 posts have all been at different ones. 

Vi loved seeing the animals and really wanted to touch the pumpkins and walk around. All this girl wants to do is walk around everywhere, but she is too scared to do it alone so she insists on holding your hand. If you don't walk her around she can get a little angry(first real tantrums). It's not my favorite phase but it has actually pushed Vi to communicate with us more. she has learned a few more words/ phrases which help us understand what she wants. I am grateful for that part of it. I'm not so hot about my sore lower back from bending over to hold her hands all the time.

 It was a little colder than we anticipated that day, so we didn't last too long. We also wanted to try and make it to campus to visit dad for lunch. Here are some pictures of Violet and her girlfriend Emma and some of Vi sitting on the wagons.

She was not sure how she felt about straw


Sydney said...

I can't believe she is a YEAR! How did this happen? She is such a dolly! And like always, she's such a chameleon - sometimes she looks like Mike and sometimes she looks like you! Also, her outfit in this post is adorable.

Sydney said...

I can't believe she is a YEAR!!! How did this happen? She is such a dolly! And her outfit is adorable in this post.