Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My baby is one
Wow how a year has flown by. Obviously my first baby turning one was a very sentimental time for me. I have been a mother for a whole year and it has been such a privilege . It is crazy to think back to when we didn't have Vi. Our world revolves around her now and I can't imagine going back. Mike and I talk frequently about how lucky we got with her. She has made the transition into parenthood really easy on us. She is a loving baby who is full of joy. She is easy to smile and has just the right amount of sass. She is smart and tender hearted. She loves her family and loves being around people. She has a passion for books and animals. We are so blessed to have her in our family and we love her to the moon and back. Here are the big updates for our one year old.

1- She crawls!! Just a few days after a physical therapist came to check her out Vi decided to start crawling. She loves to chase after dad and it is pretty much impossible for her not to be laughing while she is crawling.
2- She got her first tooth. Vi had a rough night and kept waking up. Mike came in a couldn't figure out what was wrong. The next day we saw the tiniest bit of tooth poking through her gums. It only took her 12 months to get it out haha.
3- Vi knows her animal noises. She can tell you what a dog, cow, horse, monkey and sometimes pig can say.
4-She can now pick her nose. She just sits there with her finger sticking in it. Classy right?
5- She has turned into our little singer. She loves to copy songs she hears.
6- She can say "tar" for guitar. She loves when mike plays and always points and asks for it. She likes to strum and play with the pick and capo. 
7- She is cruising from one furniture piece to the next. She is too afraid to take many steps without holding on to something or someone but she will just walk all over the living room from the ottoman, to her exersaucer, to the couch, to the table and back to the ottoman.
8- She will eat everything. Seriously just about anything we give her to try she will eat.
9- She is standing up in her crib now so we figure we should probably lower it...
10- She is finally in the 50th percentile for weight. 60th for height and 60th for head.
11- Our pediatrician said she is really ahead of the game with communicating with us. I have a feeling she may be a bit of a Chatty Cathy.
12- She still loves her daddy and when she is sad she cries out for him.( breaks your heart it is so cute)
13- Loves patty cake and peekaboo. She loves to play with grandma through FaceTime.
14- She now also says oh wow and uh-oh. Not always at the right time but she does say them a lot.

She is a beautiful girl and she gets told so EVERYWHERE we go. The best part is that she is the sweetest baby. So she has a pretty deadly combination of looks and charm. Watch out dad.

Happy Birthday Vi girl.
We Love you

Eating a leaf

Yea Vi is does taste nasty.

Oh you guys crack me up

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Dayna said...

ahhhh!!!! such cute pics!!! love the little tooth!!!!