Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8 Months
So this post is about a week overdue so I am double posting today. I don't want to put it off anymore since I already feel so behind with blogging. This little girl is such a joy. She has energy and plenty of diva moments. She is so much fun. 

Violet is still overall a really easy going baby. 
We are lucky with that. She has her bad days, but who doesn't. They usually tend to happen when she is sleep deprived. She has a really hard time going back to sleep if she is woken up during the day. Night time is still great but if she only gets a 20 minute nap that gives her enough energy to not want to go back to bed. We are working on that one.  She still gets really painful gas every now and then. It is about the saddest thing ever. This girl has zero and I mean zero patience for food. If she can see it then that means she wants it and she will not be made to wait. She is a really good eater. She eats bread, puffs and banana pieces. She actually really likes here meat baby food except for beef. She hates carrots and peas. Other than that she likes most food. There are still no teeth or signs of teeth coming. We are just waiting for this gummy baby to get some for her dad's sake. Crawling is another big no. Vi doesn't even attempt to crawl. She has just recently started staying on her stomach when we set her down. So maybe this is a good sign. She loves animals and does her excited shake back and forth when she sees them. She still loves the pool. She has started snorting a lot more when she is excited. She is chatty chatty chatty. She loves to babble and she is really good at copying mike and I with noises. She loves to play with her lips making noise once dad taught her how to do it. She likes sitting in the grass and the sand. She still loves to scratch everything. Our girl finally likes the car. It made our recent road trip very enjoyable. She loves to play with baby food lids, water bottles, nasal aspirator and her bells. She is still a total ham and has the most exaggerated corny smile you have ever seen. Her hair is getting a lot lighter. It looks like it might be more in between mine and Mike's hair. She is such a sweet girl and loves her daddy to pieces. We feel so lucky to have her.

 Like I said total cheese

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