Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Day in Grand Rapids
On Sunday we woke up and went into downtown Grand Rapids. We went to a cathedral and a famous church first. I love looking at the architecture of old churches. One was having a service and we listened in for a little bit. The downtown area is really beautiful. There are so many well designed old buildings and small parks. It just seemed like it was really well maintained. There are so many churches too. I swear every corner had a church. After that we went to go see La Grande Vitesse. I wasn't expecting it to be so big, but it is really decent sized. Then we headed to church at a ward in Grand Rapids. After that we spent pretty much the rest of the day at the Frederick Meijer Gardens. This place was so big. It really does take about the whole day to see everything. It is a sculpture garden. It had the most adorable children's play area with a water area, senses garden, tree house and lots of activities and fun things for kids to do. I really want to bring Vi back when she is a little older because I think she would just love it. We saw so many cool statues and a lot of really strange ones. It was a good amount of walking and it was a pretty hot day but the girls did great. After the garden's we went and saw the Mayer May house that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Thanks to my dad I am a pretty big sucker for Prairie style arts and crafts homes. It is in the historic district of Grand Rapids. Mike and I spent another half hour or so driving around those streets seeing all the old homes. I loved it! It was a really fun day. Then from there we drove to Ludington where we spent the night.

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