Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bows For Days
So this week I decided I would work more on bows for the shop. Mike has to study for a big test so after Vi goes to sleep I have just been plugging away. I honestly love bows. It's not normal for Vi to leave the house without a bow on and I was the same when I was little. Reasons I love bows

1- No one gets confused and asks you if you baby is a boy.
2- Vi has like zero hair so it's about the only thing we can do to spruce up her do.
3- I love a good accessory 
4- They are timeless. 
5- Carying on the tradition of Magleby big bows.

So I hope people will pop over to the shop and take a look. I tried to price them at something that I would buy. It kills me lots of times how expensive cute baby things are. So I hope people will find them well priced. I really do try to take a lot of time and effort to make sure they are good quality. If anyone is interested in doing some trial wearing for me and giving me feedback just leave a comment on the blog with your e-mail.

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