Sunday, July 14, 2013

Harbor Springs
I am kind of jumping back and forth with days this trip, but my pictures are split up on mine and Mike's computer. We stayed for 2 days in Harbor Springs with our family friends the Stoddards. Can I just say I walked straight into a movie when we got to this town. I honestly felt like I was in Pleasantville. Everyone is outside on their porch having dinner or eating dessert. Kids are running around playing and the lake is lined with 100 year houses that are to die for. I  didn't want to leave. It was such a cute town. The first day our friends Buddy and Tina took us around town to show us everything. We got the full tour. We stopped in for lunch and had a northern Michigan olive burger. We got Tom's Mom's cookies and looked in a few shops. It was perfect weather and we loved it. Tina and I went for a long walk along the shore and she told me about the history behind some of the houses and what it is like to grow up spending your summer here. It really sounds so dreamy. That night we went to a party at another lake about 20 minutes from their cottage. Their friend sends a driver down to Kentucky every year to go and pick up an absurd amount of fireworks and then he shoots them off his back lawn over the lake. Now about 100 boats line up to watch it since they know it's happening. These are not little dinky fireworks. We are talking stadium of fire material here. The difference is you are literally right underneath them. We were nervous about how Vi would handle it. To our surprise she loved it. She sat and just stared the whole time. Not one cry came out, even though they were decently loud. She was fixated on them. It lasted almost a half an hour. We definitely got our fill of fireworks for the year. 

4th of July morning we went down to art in the park, which is just a big fair where lots of local vendors come to sale art. Then we went and had lunch at their club and headed over to the quaintest parade you have ever seen. Vi loved watching everything. She was honestly just in a daze taking it all in. After that we went down to the beach and stayed there the rest of the afternoon. It was so warm and Violet got her sand fix for the day. That evening we went to a BBQ and another walk around town watching everyone celebrating. I am so happy we went up there. We almost didn't go and it was our favorite part of the trip. We really want to go back again soon. Plus Violet had substitute grandparents with Tina and Buddy the whole time. Here are tons of pictures!

Buddy and Violet

 The amazing Olive Burger!!

It really doesn't get much better then this. There were seriously jogging. I die!

God bless America

We thought we were in Ann Arbor for a second

Love it!

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Dayna said...

I am seriously loving how festive and charming this town is. I love the east coast dress everyone has going on, the patterned shorts, the collared shirts, the old homes, cars, and couples. Love all the pics. You captured it so well. What a great way to spend the 4th of July!