Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding in Newport 
This past week Violet and I headed down to California from Utah for Mike's sister Annalee's wedding. Mike met up with us really late the night before the big day and then we all flew home together yesterday. These past few days have been kind of a crazy blur because so much was going on. I was in charge of putting together the center pieces and making the chalkboard signs for around the reception. We were also in charge of setting everything up the day of. It really was total craziness but it was a great day and we are so excited to have Paul in the family. They are so genuinely happy and that's all we could hope for. It was so fun to be able to spend time with all our family and for Vi to get to play with cousins and meet lots of friends.
 Here are a ton of pictures from the day. Unfortunately we were so busy the whole time that this was the only day I got any pictures. Luckily we are going back over the 4th and we will be better about documenting it all. 


Kate Magleby said...


Dave said...

Great photos, Lauren! So glad you guys could come down and be here. Looking forward to spending some quality beach time with ya'll this summer.

Carolyn said...

Lauren….those signs are awesome! and you've got some talent as a photographer. Well done.