Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Violet Goes Swimming
While we were in Utah Mike really wanted to take Violet swimming. There was a chance that my parents were going to open their pool after Mike went back for school. He wanted to be there the first time Violet got in. So we decided to just take her in the hot tub so that he could see her reaction to it. Well, to no surprise our tubby time loving baby also loved the hot tub( and pool the next week). She would splash and splash and she thought it was pretty funny to go on her back. I have to say I have been loving the ultimate cheesy gummy smile this toothless girl has been flashing lately. I can also say she totally rocked the swim cap. I really want to find her another one because I like not having to slather her head in sunscreen when she goes out. We are so excited to get her in the pool more often this summer and get her ready for the ultimate pool party when we go back to Utah in August. 

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Amy Silva said...

Adorable pictures. I just want to squeeze her!