Sunday, May 5, 2013

Look at all of those scrumptious rolls. Vi girl has now mastered sitting up just since we got to Utah. Dad has been around for lots of practice time and she has really gotten the hang of it. We are having so much fun in Utah with family. It has been a great break ! Everyone loves to comment on how squishy Violet is. We are pretty in love with all the chubbiness of this girl. 
She loves her aunts and uncles. Uncle Max and Aunt JoJo can pretty much always get a smile out of her. Grandma is of course becoming a favorite of Vi's. It's so fun to see her start to recognize them. She cries when grandpa leaves the room or goes into the pantry. Her cousins have been so sweet and cute with her. Jayne even said Violet could come to her birthday party. Aunt Kate was Violet's first official babysitter and she had a party living it up at condo row. We can't wait to come out in August for more play time with all of them.
Now for a Nakie baby photo shoot because that's what you do with chubby babies.

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Sydney said...

This might be my favorite post you've ever done. He is seriously lush. Her chub is adorable! Love her.