Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So I feel like this is a long time coming. Ever since we moved to Ann Arbor and I no longer had a job, I have been trying to figure out something I could do from home with a baby. I know there are lots f internet jobs and telemarketing and stuff like that but I really wanted to try and find something that I could enjoy doing. I also really wanted to feel like I was using my talents. I studied sewing in school and I love to create my own clothes and now clothes for Violet. I thought about making something to sell but it is hard to try and find something that a million other people aren't already doing. I was hoping to be a little more creative and do something unique. I played around with lots of ideas and I finally settle on Bloomers and rompers. I wanted to do something that the traditional mom and the more edgy mom could both be attracted to. Yesterday was the big opening of the shop. I started with smaller sizes but I have already started cutting out bigger ones. I am really excited to have a creative outlet. I may throw in other projects that I work on down the road. Here are a few pictures and hopefully everyone can go and check them out!

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Amy Silva said...

This is such a great idea, Lauren. Good luck!