Monday, May 13, 2013

Tulip Festival
Last week Dayna and I took all the kiddies to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. It was so pretty and the weather was great. It got a little crazy carting 4 kids around between the 2 of us but we did it! I still need to get a bunch of pictures from Dayna but I thought I would document our outing before I head off to California this week. It has been so fun getting out and having cousin time. I love that Violet is forming relationships with her cousins and that they like her! Jayne and Vinny are so sweet with Vi. Vinny likes to give violet little cheek to cheek snuggles and pats her on the back. He will even share toys and drive his cars on her. Jayne loves to play peek a boo with violet and will sing to her and talk to her like a little mom. It's darling. I can't wait until Vi is old enough to play with them and run around all crazy. 
As usual a bunch of pictures!

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