Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014
This Easter was really such a great day. The weather was amazing! We lucked out big time with that one. We have 9:00 church and that is always a struggle for a girl who usually sleeps until 8 and has to eat breakfast and get dressed and in the car all while Mike and I are trying to get ready too. So we didn't give Vi her basket until later in the day. 

I made sure we got ready with enough time to take some pictures. I always beat myself up if a big day goes by with hardly any pictures. Vi is going through an awkward picture taking phase. I made the mistake of teaching her to smile and as you can see those teeth and that fake smile are a pretty scary duo. So although we didn't get a family shot I did get a few good pictures with Vi and Mike and then me and Vi later. 

Church went really well because there were a lot of musical numbers and Violet is all about that. She is 1 week away from going to nursery!! This week we figure out that she really likes senior nursery a lot more that junior. I think there are a few things about junior nursery that scare Violet a little ( some kids/leaders) It seems like senior nursery might be a better fit for her. She didn't even realize I was there. 

After church Violet crashed for a super long nap. Mike studied his little heart out because he is in finals. I made tuxedo cupcakes to go with the lemon macarons I made the day before. Our sweet friends the Swindles invited us over for dinner. It was so fun to get together with friends and eat good food. We watched a movie on Christ and had a little egg hunt. It was a great Easter. Once we got home we finally let Violet dive into her Easter basket. She got bubbles, chalk, 2 new books, a bunny that I made for her( I sewed the clothes not the bunny itself), fruit and veggie magnets and some little fluffy chicks. She went straight for the new books and asked many a time to go do the bubbles. It was another wonderful holiday in the Reid family.

Always spots the planes

I promise she loves me

don't mind my weird face. Vi thinks whale noises are hilarious 

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