Thursday, May 8, 2014

18 months
It's crazy how big Violet seems. Now when I see her around a little 3 month old baby I feel like she is a giant!! 18 months has been one of my favorite times with Violet. She says and does the funniest stuff. Mike and I sit and laugh at her all the time because she is such a goof! 
Updates for the girlie
She still has a big old belly and squishy arms and legs. Her hair is now long enough to do two little ponies in the back and a clip in the front for all her bangs. She has 2 and a half molars and 5 and a half front teeth. She is just now starting to really wear a size 4 shoe. she still wears 12 month and 12-18 month clothing. She has had a bit of an allergic reaction to all the pollen this year. Her eyes get red and sensitive. She now asks for things in 4 word sentences. This morning she said " momma open drawer please." Crazy right?? She listens really well and picks up on new word and names really quickly. she now knows the color red, yellow, and orange. She will sometimes randomly point them out on things. She knows how to find the letters O, A and S on her puzzle. She can find square, circle, triangle, heart and star on her shapes puzzle. She has been learning more foods since we got her a bunch of fruit and veggie magnets. Mike has been working with her and she can kick her soccer ball pretty well. She loves going to the park and going on the swings. She love loves going to the grocery store to ride the penny horse. She is really good on long car rides now. She was a star last week while we drove around for mike's holiday. She loves to sing and do the hand motions to popcorn popping. She also asks me to sing happy birthday at least once a day. She now sings part of " Let it Go" from Frozen. She will even raise her hands up like the character in the movie does. She loves animals and will play with her plastic ones all the time. She likes to give her stuffed animals rides in her pink jeep. She loves face timing with family. She always wants to eat apple sauce or pears. She loves to say hello to everyone and when she knows she is about to do something that I wouldn't like she gets a big smile on her face, waves and says " hello mama". She is still our drama girl and will fake cry with her eyes squinted so she can watch you to see if she is getting a reaction. No surprise but she still loves books. She is also very into clothes lately and will always put her clothes on her arms or wrap them around her shoulders. Her biggest thing is to get into all my fabric and drape it over her head like Mary and walk around the house. We love this 18 month old! I am so excited for summer and getting to do lots outside with her! She loves to be out of the house and exploring. Here is our total cheese ball of a baby last Sunday.

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