Friday, April 11, 2014

17 Months
It has finally gotten sunny in Michigan! Even though we aren't having super warm weather, it is still nice enough to go outside every day. So I am a little late getting this put together because we have been taking advantage of the sunshine.

 Miss Vi has had a rough 2 weeks. It is like her entire mouth is erupting with teeth. Every day I notice a new one getting closer to coming through. It has thrown off her sleeping schedule a lot. She hasn't been napping nearly as long as normal and has been waking up crying in the night.  She also hasn't been eating as well. So 17 months has been hard on this little bugger. 

Not a whole lot is new for this girl. She is still obsessed with books. Whenever we come home from something the first thing Vi will do it sit down right in front of the book shelf and start reading out loud. It's so funny. We have a pretty big collection of books now because I just love how much she loves to read. I hope she always stays this way.

We got her a little mouse scooter to work on some of her gross motor skills. Vi has always been slower with those kinds of things. She has really good fine motor skills and is really ahead verbally but the girl can not get down stairs or climb over or onto things to save her life. So we have been trying to work with her to build her coordination. She has gotten a lot better in the past few weeks. It took us a good amount of time to teach her how to sit on the mouse scooter and push it. She still has some work to do with getting off it but she is really improving.

She has gotten a lot better about putting 2 and 3 words together when she is talking. It has made it a lot easier for me to communicate with her too. She can more clearly ask for what she wants and she is doing really well with saying please first and thank you after. We are almost there with " I love you" I think another week or 2 and it will really sound clear.

We tried our first pony tail since her hair is finally long enough. He hair is starting to curl more and more as it gets longer. Mine was a lot like that when I was little but not nearly as light as hers is.

 Her favorite foods right now are peanut butter sandwiches, pirates booty, yogurt, apple sauce, cheese and Mandarin oranges. She guzzles milk too. 

She has started playing with her friends. Like legit playing. Her and her friend Deacon chase each other around the house and squeal with laughter when the other one catches them. It is so darling. She also gets super excited when she sees her friends. I love it. 

She still has a fetish with shoes. She loves to wear them and take them off and try to put them back on by herself. She loves to talk to herself in the mirror too. 

We have been taking her to the Y to swim and this girl makes me nervous with how much she loves the water and is not afraid of it at all. She will just plunge her face into the water and leap out of our arms. She constantly asks to go down and we have started passing her under the water a good distance back and forth. I think she is going to be a total pool rat this summer. 

She has started singing a lot. When we get in the car she will just start singing songs and she tries to sing a lot of parts of her favorite songs with us. She always wants Mike to play the guitar and sing to her. She is loving the park these days too. She will walk back and forth and back and forth over the bridges and climb the stairs to go down the slide. She pretty much always wants to be outside now. I don't mind one bit. We have been stuck inside way too long this winter. 

Minus the teething drama 17 months has been pretty fun with miss Vi. She is a sensitive girl and very sweet natured. We love her to pieces!

Also my mom made Vi this darling dress. Don't you love the scallop on the bottom. It has the cutest little lady bug button on it too!

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