Friday, April 4, 2014

Last week Vi was having a rough time. I felt like I wasn't making any progress with her this one day. She kept getting upset and crying and throwing little fits and then she hit me. I was totally shocked. It was just a rough rough day and I could not figure out what was making her so upset. Mike and I have been trying to work on being more healthy and doing something active every day. I took Vi to the Y to go work out while she was in daycare. She had this crazy little panic attack and wouldn't let me go. She instantly started crying. In my super selfish mode I was like come on Vi this is ridiculous. I tried working out but she wouldn't stop crying. I came down and played with her for awhile. At one point she laid her head down on my lap and looked up at me with her mouth open. I saw 3 molars about to burst through her gums. I felt so horrible. I had totally thought she was being a grouch and going through a phase when in reality she was in a lot of pain and dealing with 3 teeth. I could feel one had broken through and another was almost there. 

2 days later Vi woke up and I was like, thank heavens!! She was happy and all smiles like she normally is. That whole day mike and I kept commenting on how happy she was. She was seriously giddy. It was a perfect day. I still feel awful about not seeing the signs of her teething. She only has 4 teeth and is almost 18 months so to me it's not usually my first instinct to think teeth because we haven't dealt with it much. I snapped a few pictures of her playing in her crib after her nap yesterday. She was being so cute and sweet. I am really loving this phase right now. We spend a lot of afternoons just playing and reading books. Today she started tucking in her stuffed animals to their cradle and rocking them. She also really loves dancing as of late.  We colored our first pictures this week. I can't wait until we can do more crafts and art projects together. I really love being at home with her. I know I will love my boys but right now I am so grateful to have my little girl and that hopefully she will always want to be my little buddy.

We are still waiting on one of the molars to come through and now I think some others might be making their way up. I have to say I will be very happy when she has all her baby teeth. It is the worst. A 17 month update is coming soon. We are still trying to play catch up with lots of things and get back into picture taking mode. 

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