Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Weekend
We had amazing weather this whole weekend so we tried to spend a lot of time outside with Vi girl. Friday Mike got out of class early so we headed to the park with Violet. I was grabbing some sunscreen out of the compartment in our trunk and I noticed our bubble wand from last summer. We pulled it out at the park and Vi went crazy. She was so excited about bubbles. The cutest little girls from our church live just a block away from us. They were at the park at the same time. They always come and give Violet hugs and ask to play with her. I love it! Since we aren't close to our cousins, this is about the closest thing we get to it. Mike went to the store with us this past week and took Vi to go and pick out her very first soccer ball. They have been practicing kicking the ball every time we go to the park. I love that Mike will have little things to do with Vi that I am just not good at. Soccer has always been a part of my life because of my brothers but I have no skills at all. I'm glad Mike will spend time with her playing. 
Saturday was our " do things around the house " day. We decided to tackle our side yard that had a lot of uneven ground and moss and sticks. We got top soil to level it out and laid grass seed. Vi was watching us from the kitchen and just begging to be outside. Since our side yard turned into pretty much a patch of mud we stripped the babe down and let her play in the dirt in her diaper. She loved it. She was seriously having such a fun time. Mike introduced her to worms and she didn't even hesitate to touch it and try to pick it up. Her best bud Deacon came over to play in the grass for a little too. It was a great weekend and it makes me so happy that we are finally at a point where out weekends can be spent outside!!

just keeping it classy

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Sydney said...

These pictures are amazing. The one where she is keeping it classy made me laugh so hard! She's so beautiful Lauren! The perfect mix of you and mike. Miss you!